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On the Streets of Downtown San Diego

Even the defeated, or seemingly defeated, share many of our hopes, dreams and aspirations while struggling with profound physical and emotional challenges, sometimes not of their own making. Humane Exposures strives to turn public indifference to our society's most broken and vulnerable population into a humane awareness and response.

Take a moment to get exposed to just a few Americans who have fallen through the cracks of society. Some can be saved and some don't want to be.

Life Behind Bars

Humane Exposures examines the diffused states of women in jail, caught up in an overcrowded and already strained system that is increasingly unable to deal with the mental, emotional, and addiction problems these women bring to the cynical and hostile world of incarceration.

The Lost Youth of San Diego

Humane Exposures examines the predicament of children who are born but not raised. It exposes the plight of youngsters swimming upstream, who, too often, end up serving time in juvenile hall. Humane Exposures advocates early education and youth development as the most effective strategies for preventing youth problems and breaking the cycle of at-risk behavior.